Can I have carpet even if I have allergies?

Yes, and studies have shown over and over again that this is true. Vacuuming is very effective at getting surface dirt. Still, any other pollutants and particles that remain get trapped into the fibers, where they'll stay until the floor covering are deep cleaned. This is why, if you looked deep into the pile on your carpeting, you might see little piles of sand; the vacuum isn't able to reach those particles.

It’s also important to note that carpet is also one of the lowest emitters of VOCs (Volatile organic compounds) of floorings. VOCs, as most of us already know, are harmful substances that irritate the respiratory system.

Improving indoor air quality

Carpets act like an air filter by removing particles, such as dust, animal dander, pollen, etc., from the breathing zone so they won't circulate in the air to breathe. So, especially when the rug is clean, it enhances the flow of air around the walls where it's much needed.

Technological advances have enabled manufacturers to create versions to meet specific needs, such as the hypoallergenic carpet, so be sure to tell the experts in our carpet store if you need something to address these.

Other benefits include:
1.      Style. Expanded color palettes; digital patterning, where the design goes all the way through the fiber rather than sitting at the tip; and solution-dyed fibers that resist color fading are just some innovations. Also, rugs with extra durability and stain resistance are available, such as our SmartStrand and Kashmere fibers. So we have something for everyone and every budget, whether textures, shags, loops or cut-piles.

2.      Noise elimination. Carpets provide cushioning from footsteps, beeping devices, muffled conversations, and anything else that can irritate us whether we're awake or trying to sleep.

3.      Safety and cushioning from falls. Rugs have good traction, so if you have kids or pets who run, they can easily slow down when necessary. If they do fall, carpets provide a soft landing.

Godfrey Hirst, Mohawk, Masland, Phenix, and Fabrica are just some of the carpet brands you see at our showroom in New Rochelle, NY. So visit Allen Carpet, and get a free quote while you're at it.  We work on residential and commercial projects around New Rochelle, Pelham, Mamaroneck, Scarsdale, and Larchmont.