Don't count carpet flooring out if you have allergies

Don't count carpet flooring out if you have allergies

Many homeowners avoid carpeting if they have allergy sufferers in the home. Rumors continue that these floors harbor allergens.

The truth is carpet can be a fantastic choice that helps reduce allergens. However, some facts could change what you know about this flooring.

Regular cleaning and care are crucial

One reason carpet is blamed for allergies is that it isn't cleaned regularly. You'll need a regular cleaning schedule to reduce dander allergens if you have pets.

The same is true for pollen, dust, and other airborne debris that can be trapped in your floor covering. But regular vacuuming with a proper machine offers the best results.

Professional cleaning is necessary, too, especially with pets and children in the home. In average situations, plan to have your carpets cleaned once every 12 to 18 months.

Important factors to remember

Be sure to use a vacuum with a proper filter and containment unit each time you clean your floors. This ensures that allergens, dust, and dander aren't reintroduced into the air.

Choose hypoallergenic carpets to get complete protection against allergens. These fibers are designed to reduce allergens and the reactions they can cause.

This carpeting also needs hypoallergenic padding that adds more benefits. Plenty of features to choose from that make carpet the perfect option for your home.

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